The 5 Top Wedding Planning Mistakes

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When it comes to your special day, there is a lot to look forward to. Celebrating your special day with your loved ones and enjoying amazing food are just a couple. In order make sure things run smoothly, there is a lot of preparation that goes into a wedding. However, some couples run into difficulties due a lack of planning. Do you want to minimize unexpected wedding challenges? With these five tips, you can take your wedding planning to another level!

Tip 1: Budget Before Planning

One of the most common mistakes couples make is listing everything they want for their wedding before establishing a budget. The average cost of weddings in 2020 was $19,000. Due to COVID-19, the average cost fell from 2019’s average cost of $28,000. Regardless, a wedding is major invest. Before you explore venues, catering and wedding attire for those involved, take a moment and plan. More importantly, make plans that are realistic. It’s hard to fall in love with a dress and have to let it go when you realize it’s out of your budget. Lastly, make sure you budget for the unexpected costs. Gratuity and car services are common costs that many couples fail to consider.

Tip 2: Literally Plan for a Rainy Day

When you decide to have portion of you wedding outside, there’s always a chance that the weather will rain on your happy day. Deposits for tents and umbrellas can take away from you budget, but it’s best to get them in advance. You don’t want to realize you need them and not have them available.

Tip 3: Provide Thorough Information to Guests 

You plan to make sure your know what is happening on the special day. The same should be done to make sure your guests know what is going on. For instance, you might tell them the venue location, but have you explained parking details? Have you made sure guest know where to head when they arrive? Details like that may seem small at the moment, but can definitely cause major delays to the festivities.

Tip 4: Don’t Micromanage

We highly encourage thorough planning to make sure your wedding runs smoothly. At the same time, there’s a difference between planning and over planning. When you make sure people have an itinerary of the events, that’s planning. When you have scheduled bathroom break, you’re starting to micromanage. This becomes even more difficult when you have wedding coordinator/planner. They are experienced professionals who know how to plan weddings and ensure that they go as planned. When you step in and tell them how to do their job, you take away from the overall execution of the wedding. Share you desires, but allow them to be in control of bringing your dream wedding to reality.

Tip 5: It’s Okay Not to be Traditional¬†

The final tip we have share is to plan a wedding that’s what you want. There are numerous traditional aspects of weddings that people feel like they have to abide by. Throwing the bouquet and throwing rice are a couple of well-known wedding traditions. However, it’s okay to abandon them. As you invest more and more time in your wedding, you will become invested in creating your perfect wedding, not the one you think you have to have. If you like certain traditions, you should include them. If you’re putting them in the wedding because you think you have to, get rid of them. It’s you special day. Design it according to your wishes.

Now that you are aware of the most common mistakes, you can take steps to avoid them. All these issues can be avoided by having the right person assisting you in planning your wedding. Our services are available for all in Frederick, Maryland and surround areas. Contact us today to secure your wedding support system!

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