4 Ways to Make Wedding Catering a Piece of Cake

Your wedding consists of a lot of moving parts. One of those moving parts that impacts everyone is the catering. When you deciding catering options, there are lot of factors to consider. Are there options for people with diet restrictions? How much food are you going to order? What food restrictions, if any, does your venue have? In order to make sure you minimize any wedding catering challenges, we have four tips to make sure cover your bases.

1. Research Your Venue

An overlap people often overlook is the one between catering and the venue. Venues typically are either have all-inclusive catering or allow an outside vendor. For venues that come with all-inclusive catering, they traditionally don’t allow outside food. Therefore, if you have vendor that doesn’t allow outside food and picked an outside vendor, you have problem.

2. Catering Options that Satisfy Everyone

When you meet with your caterer, you will need to think find a balanced menu that will be enjoyable by your AND your guests. Options like gluten-free and pescatarian are important to consider. However, you don’t want to force a vegan menu on guests you know would not enjoy it. The best course of action is to tell your caterer foods you enjoy, but allow the caterer to provide additional dishes to create a well-rounded menu.

3. Consider Everyone Involved

It’s going to be long day/night for all the people supporting the execution of your wedding. Your DJ, photographer and the catering staff are just a few people who have taken time to make your day special. Make sure you consider feeding them as well. When your suppliers are well-fed, they are happy. The happier they are, the more invested they are to make your day everything you imaged.

4. Make a Budget

The most important thing to determine is your wedding catering budget. Don’t go to your caterer without a budget in mind. They could plan the most amazing menu, but it would be for nothing if it’s outside your budget. There a numerous wedding Be clear on what you’re wanting to spend early on and your caterer can work their magic.

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